Q: What type of paint and materials do you use? Is there any strong odor?

A: I paint with archival quality oil paint, and odorless thinner on stretched canvas. There is no odor with the paints and thinner I use.

Q: Can I request a specific number of people to be painted in the painting?

A: There is no limit, but it is best to limit the number of detailed, specific  people to approximately  10-12. I can add more detail at home.  If needed I am able to add more detail

Q: Does the painting come framed?

A: The painting is on a stretched canvas which can be hung right away without a frame. We can discuss framing options in the booking session.

Q: Does the event site need to provide anything for your set-up?

A: I only require a small table to set my paint pallet and brushes on, and an electrical outlet to plug my light into. If there is no outlet, due to the event being outdoors, I can adapt and bring the correct lighting. I only need 4’x6’ of space to work in and a space where I can view the proceedings clearly, yet out of the way of the guests.

 Q: If the venue does not allow set-up until shortly before the event, will that be a problem?

A: I prefer to arrive 3-4 hours in advance, but it only takes me 20 minutes to set up my easel, lights, and paints and begin painting. Anything that I cannot finish painting, I will complete from notes and photos I have taken as reference during the ceremony and reception. I complete all paintings at home in my studio and mail them insured to you.

Q: Can you paint a ceremony or reception that does not last more than 30 minutes?

A: Yes. I can arrive at the destination early and paint the background before the ceremony. I will take notes and my own reference photos to work from at home after I have painted from life at the ceremony.  I can also continue to paint during the reception in order to capture the colors and guests, and allow the guests to enjoy viewing the process.

Q: My venue is requiring liability insurance from all vendors. Do you have proof of insurance?

A: Yes, Amy has standard liability insurance.

 Q: Are you willing to travel to paint an event in a different city?

A: I am based in Northern Virginia/D.C. area, and service the Baltimore/Delaware/DC areas. I can paint in any location. I require that clients cover travel costs such as airfare and hotels. Out-of-town events under 2 hours driving distance from D.C. (most places in the D.C. area) do not usually require overnight stay, but involve a small travel fee ranging from $50-$100 depending on distance and event time.

Q: What if my event has already passed? Can I still get a painting from photos?

A: I am happy to create a customized painting for you based on photo or video documentation of your event.  I make certain not to break photographer copyrights and cannot copy any photographs from professional photographs however. Using photographs and video as reference however, allows me the flexibility to combine multiple memories from your event, or even other times in your life, into the painting. There are various size and style options for this.

 Q: Can you paint multiple paintings at an event?

A: I can create several small paintings or sketches at your event, or a live painting and then several other paintings based on photos later. I normally only do one large painting onsite, however I can adapt and create images as per our agreement in our booking conversation and agreement.

 Q: Do you offer any special deals?

A: I usually have a deal of some sort going on. I understand and value good deals and discounts. Check my site for deals. I am happy to create small paintings and drawings from photos of your event, thank-you cards, or photo prints, to go along with your final large event painting.  I sometimes offer a discount for fund raisers, and large package commissions.

Booking with Amy

Please email me at earthnvessel@gmail.com for a free customized price quote.  Please include your event date and time so that I can make sure I am free to paint for you. The price for a single live painting event varies based on size, location (and travel expenses involved), time of day/year, and the extent to which you want the painting touched up after the event.  Prices may vary, being  lower  for less popular dates, or higher for major holidays .

Airfare, hotels and multiple dates will affect pricing. All prices include archival quality art materials and insurance, and a detailed consultation approximately 1-2 months before your event to ensure the painting and process is in accordance with your wishes.


Deposit…………………$200** applied to total- nonrefundable

Washington D.C.…………$800




Proper lighting is preferred, but if for any reason the venue does not provide proper lighting, I will adapt to the situation.

Painting will be shipped, insured within 3 weeks of the event.

Size                                                            Price

18x24 inch                                                $800

24x24 inch                                                $1000

20x30 inch                                                $1200

24x30 inch                                                $2000

30x30 inch                                                $2200

30x40 inch                                                $2400

Portrait or In-Studio Commission

Size                                                            Price

12x12 inch                                                $500                                 

16x20 inch                                                 $1000

24x14 inch                                                $1600

24x30 inch                                                $200

30x30 inch                                                $2200

40x30 inch Portraits with more than one subject have an added charge of $200 per person. Additional  sizes are available upon request.

Additional Notes

1 - Shipping is calculated separately

2 - Additional travel fees may apply outside of the DC Metro area

3 - A deposit of $200 is required to secure your event date

4 - Live paintings on holidays begin at the 24x24 inch size and have an added 20% up-charge

How It Works

During booking we will discuss date & time, location and which view you would like painted.

As date gets closer we will review the details, which guests, decor and anything specific  you would like to emphasize.

When the guests arrive the painting will already be started and they will be able to watch it progress through the entire event!

The painting will be completed at home after the event and mailed to you.

Thank you for your interest in Amy C. Moreno live painting, I look forward to capturing your special event on canvas