Credit broker creditshelf plans to go public in frankfurt

Credit broker creditshelf plans to go public in frankfurt

Frankfurt-based fintech company Creditshelf has announced plans to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The credit intermediary intends to use it to finance its growth plans in Germany and other European markets.

Creditshelf is an online marketplace that provides loans to small and medium-sized businesses. The company works with a wide range of investors and, since its inception in 2014, has already completed more than 1.200 financings with a total volume of about 167 million euros brokered.

The IPO is expected to help expand Creditshelf’s reach and further accelerate the company’s growth. The offering is expected to consist of a combination of new and existing shares.

The Company plans to conduct the offering in the second quarter of 2018 and to list its shares in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

What is Creditshelf?

Creditshelf is a leading digital credit broker for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The company offers a platform for SMEs to apply for loans more easily than is the case with traditional banks.

Creditshelf ensures that companies’ loan requests are processed quickly and without complications and thus supports the financing of company growth and development.

Creditshelf aims to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and plans a capital increase to further invest in growth in Germany and Europe. With an IPO, the company hopes to increase its visibility and reputation, which will boost investor confidence.

  • Maximum capital increase: monetary par value of the new shares will not exceed 10% of the current share capital
  • Price range for shares: preliminary price range between € 80 and € 98
  • Expected gross proceeds: Expected gross proceeds between € 80 and € 120 million

Creditshelf has expanded rapidly in recent years and established itself as a major player in the German SME lending market. The listing will help the company to grow further and strengthen its position in Europe.

Credit broker creditshelf plans to go public in frankfurt

Why Creditshelf is looking to go public

Creditshelf, a credit broker, is planning its IPO and wants to be the first fintech company of the year to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. But what are the reasons behind this decision?

First, it is an opportunity for Creditshelf to further expand and scale its business model. The platform for SME loans has gained a lot of importance in recent years and has been able to attract well-known investors. Through the IPO, the company hopes to raise additional funds for further expansion and internationalization.

Credit broker creditshelf plans to go public in frankfurt

Access to capital for the company and for investors also plays a role. The IPO will make a portion of the company’s shares tradable, and thus potential gains for investors, but also risks. Therefore, Creditshelf hopes for a higher presence on the market and an increase in the company’s value.

In addition, transparency for investors and investors plays an important role. The publication of quarterly and annual reports, as well as the obligation to disclose business figures and business model, ensures greater credibility and trust in the company.

So, by going public, Creditshelf mainly wants to strengthen its growth and presence in the market and open up to more investors. Only time will tell whether the decision will prove successful in the long run.

What steps will follow Creditshelf’s IPO??

Credit broker Creditshelf successfully completed its IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange this year. But what are the next steps for the company?

An important factor for Creditshelf is that it wants to continue to grow and expand rapidly. To achieve this, the company plans to further develop and improve its technology platform. This should make lending even faster and more effective.

In addition, Creditshelf wants to strengthen its market position through partnerships and collaborations with other companies. Through this collaboration, new customers can be acquired and the business can be expanded.

Another important step for Creditshelf is to strengthen its brand and make it better known. Through targeted marketing, the company aims to further expand its position as the leading credit broker in Germany.

In summary, Creditshelf plans to further expand, improve its technology platform, establish partnerships and collaborations, and strengthen its brand. Whether these moves will be successful remains to be seen.

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