My innocent little friend didn’t understand and only loved an idiot

Sometimes we love people who are not good for us. Our hearts lead us in the wrong direction and we often don’t even realize it. We stay with these people because we enjoy their presence or because we think we can’t be happy without them.

In such relationships, we often feel helpless and vulnerable. We know we can’t change the person we love, but we also repress the thought of separation and hope that everything will somehow work itself out. But sometimes life is not that simple.

In this article, I will talk about my experience of how I was wrongly chained to someone who didn’t deserve me. I will take you on a journey through my thoughts and feelings that I experienced during this time. Maybe you can use my story to reflect and realize your own relationship if you are in a similar situation.


My innocent companion did not understand and only worshipped an idiot. He was always there to comfort me when I was down and to share my joy when I was happy. But there was something he never understood: my relationship with this special friend.

I never told our friends and family about him. I knew they would not understand. But he was very important to me and there was a connection between us that I couldn’t explain.

One day I asked my innocent companion if he had ever experienced such a deep connection with someone. He looked at me confused and I realized he didn’t understand. I left the subject and kept silent. It was clear that I would never talk to him about this special friendship.

I often think about how strange it must be for someone as innocent as he is. Someone who had no idea what it was like to be connected to someone like that. But for me it was normal and I knew I would never understand him.

My innocent friend and the idiot

There are people in our lives who are innocent and always want the best for us. My personal innocent friend has always supported me and been there for me in difficult times. His value as a friend is priceless.

Unfortunately, there are also people who do not do us good and treat us like idiots. One of these idiots did not understand my innocent friend and caused him pain. But despite everything, my friend still loved and respected him.

It’s hard to understand why we are sometimes attracted to jerks and keep them in our lives. But in such cases, we must recognize the importance of our innocent friends and appreciate their support and love.

I am grateful for my personal innocent friend and hope I never hurt him. He is the reason why I don’t let idiots make me insecure and don’t react to their negative energy.

  • Each of us needs an innocent friend to support and love us
  • It’s important to remove idiots from our lives and surround ourselves with positive people
  • We should always stick to our innocent friends and value their importance

What does the innocent friend not understand?

My personal innocent buddy didn’t understand why I spend time with an idiot. He wonders why I waste my time and energy and don’t make better friends.

What he doesn’t understand is that this “jerk” is a jerk.. Is in reality a valuable friend. He may have his faults, but he also has many positive qualities that make him a great buddy. He always listens, he’s funny and he comforts me when I’m sad.

My innocent friend does not understand that I am not looking for perfect friends. I look for friends who accept me for who I am and who I can accept the same way. I value their company and their uniqueness, and I’m not going to give them up just because they’re not perfect.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a friend is considered a “jerk” or “perfect” Is considered. What matters is the connection we share and the joy we find in our friendship. That’s what my innocent friend doesn’t understand.

Evaluation of the innocent friend versus the jerk

My innocent friend has always been naive and kind to everyone, even to idiots. He had the rare talent to see and appreciate the good in everyone, regardless of their behavior pattern. What I appreciated most about him was his ability to judge people without prejudice or negative attitudes.

Although he didn’t understand why I stayed away from my idiot friend, he knew not to judge him without really getting to know him. He believed in the idea that everyone deserves a second chance and that even idiots can have good in them.

I think my innocent friend’s attitude toward the world and the people in it is admirable and inspiring. His non-judgmental attitude made him a great friend, and everyone should learn from his example to accept even those who are not as smart or humorous as we are.

The appreciation of an innocent friend

My innocent friend didn’t understand why I appreciated the jerk. But I couldn’t explain what I liked about him. It was just a feeling that was hard for me to put into words.

Maybe it was because I saw the idiot as someone who was not able to see things as they were. That made him in a way innocent in my eyes. He was naive and clueless and that was a quality I appreciated.

  • Perhaps it was also the way he dealt with his mistakes. He was not perfect and he knew it. But he also knew how to laugh about it and that made him sympathetic to me.
  • Or maybe it was his relentless optimism, even in the most difficult situations. I admired his ability not to give up and always see the good in life.
  • However, I knew that my innocent friend would not understand these things. But that was okay. I still appreciated the idiot and that would not change.

It was a difficult position for me to stand between two friends who looked at life in such different ways. But I had learned that it was possible to appreciate them both, even if they could not necessarily understand each other. That was the beauty of friendships – they allowed us to have different views and perspectives and still grow together.

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