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The latest developments on the real estate market

The real estate market in Germany continues to remain stable this year. Particularly in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, however, the demand for housing continues to rise sharply. In the course of this the prices for real estates in these regions increased further. Experts believe that this trend will continue in the years to come.

Real estate news - the latest news for home builders at hausbautipps24

Another important topic in the real estate market is the trend towards sustainability. More and more buyers are attaching importance to energy-efficient buildings and the use of renewable energies. Digitalization also plays an important role, as modern building control systems ensure optimal energy utilization.

Real estate news - the latest news for home builders at hausbautipps24
  • Real estate startups bring a breath of fresh air to the market
  • A new study shows: Older people stay longer in their own four walls
  • The Corona crisis has an impact on the German real estate market

Furthermore, innovative startups are causing a stir in the real estate market. For example, they offer online platforms where owners can sell or rent out their properties.

A recent study also shows that older people want to stay in their own homes longer and longer. This requires barrier-free conversions and the latest technology.

Most recently, the Corona crisis has also had an impact on the real estate market. While demand for housing has fallen in major cities, more people in rural areas have been looking for more living space. According to experts, however, there will soon be a stabilization here as well.

Real estate news – always up-to-date at Hausbautipps24

At Hausbautipps24 you will always find the latest real estate news. Whether you’re looking to build a home, find an apartment, or want to learn about the bubble in the real estate market, you’ve come to the right place.

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Real estate news - the latest news for home builders at hausbautipps24

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