The lawyer-notary andreas kellner from burgwedel – not both, but somehow he does!

Andreas Kellner is an experienced notary and lawyer from Burgwedel near Hanover, Germany. His expertise and professional competence have earned him an excellent reputation in the region.

The lawyer-notary andreas kellner from burgwedel - not both, but somehow he does!

Unlike other notaries in Germany, Andreas Kellner combines his work as a notary with that of a lawyer. Although most notaries are not allowed to practice law, there are exceptions in some states. In Lower Saxony Andreas Kellner is one of these exceptions.

The decision to practice both professions has many advantages for him. This allows him to offer his clients comprehensive legal advice from a single source. Especially in more complex cases it is often an advantage if a notary also works as a lawyer.

But despite these advantages, there are also critics who are skeptical about combining the two activities. You are concerned that there may be a conflict of interest if a notary acts as a lawyer at the same time. Andreas Kellner is aware of the issues, but he emphasizes that he strictly separates the two roles and does not allow conflicts of interest to arise.

Overall, it can be said that Andreas Kellner is an interesting and controversial figure in his professional field. For many clients he is an important contact point for trustworthy and competent legal advice.

Who is Andreas Kellner?

Andreas Kellner is a lawyer-notary from Burgwedel, who is known for his expertise in the field of inheritance law. However, he also has extensive experience in other areas of law and advises both private individuals and companies.

In addition to his career as a lawyer-notary, Andreas Kellner is also committed to social projects and acts as a sponsor and supporter for local non-profit organizations. His working methods are characterized by a high level of professionalism, a sense of responsibility and discretion.

As an experienced lawyer-notary and committed community citizen, Andreas Kellner enjoys a high reputation in Burgwedel and its surroundings. His clients appreciate him for his competence and his ability to communicate complex legal issues in an understandable way and to present individual solutions.

  • Expert in inheritance law
  • Advises private individuals and companies
  • Committed to social projects
  • High professionalism, sense of responsibility and discretion
  • High reputation among clients and local citizens

The lawyer-notary Andreas Kellner from Burgwedel – not both, but somehow already!

What is a lawyer notary?? Basically, it is a lawyer who works both as a lawyer and as a notary public. In Germany, however, there are only a few lawyer-notaries, as the two activities are normally carried out separately from each other.

Andreas Kellner from Burgwedel is one of these rare lawyer-notaries. He specializes in inheritance and family law and can therefore assist his clients in all legal matters. It is an advantage for him that he works both as a lawyer and as a notary public.

  • As a lawyer, he can represent his clients in court proceedings and also advise them out of court.
  • As a notary, he is responsible for the notarization of contracts.

Thanks to his dual function, Andreas Kellner can thus offer his clients a comprehensive service that includes both legal advice and the notarization of contracts.

Those who decide to work with a lawyer-notary can therefore be sure that they will be well looked after in all legal matters. The dual function of a lawyer-notary can be of great advantage, especially in more complex matters.

What distinguishes the sought-after lawyer-notary Andreas Kellner from Burgwedel?

Andreas Kellner, a lawyer-notary from Burgwedel, is known for his high professional competence and his longtime experience in different fields of law. His work as a lawyer-notary is a rare combination of two different professions, namely lawyer and notary public. This allows him to offer his clients comprehensive legal advice and also represent them in notary matters.

In addition to his professional competence, Andreas Kellner is also known for his commitment and trusting cooperation with his clients. He takes the time to understand individual needs and problems, and on this basis develops solutions aimed at fulfilling his clients’ interests.

Another reason for Andreas Kellner’s popularity as a lawyer-notary is his effective and focused approach to work. He places great emphasis on efficient case handling, often achieving successful results for his clients. He also pays attention to transparent and comprehensible billing, so that his clients are always aware of the status of the case and the associated costs.

  • In summary, Andreas Kellner as a lawyer notary from Burgwedel is a lawyer in demand and very successful due to his competence, commitment and effective way of working.

Andreas Kellner – A lawyer or notary public?

Andreas Kellner is a lawyer-notary from Burgwedel, who distinguishes himself from other lawyers and notaries by his unique way of working. Where most lawyers work either as a lawyer or as a notary, Andreas Kellner acts as both.

His focus is on the area of real estate law. As a notary, he can notarize contracts, and as a lawyer, he can provide his clients with comprehensive advice on real estate matters. This gives his clients an all-round service in real estate law, which is different from other lawyers or notaries public.

Andreas Kellner is also distinguished by his structured way of working. He emphasizes a systematic approach to solving problems and works closely with his clients to achieve the best possible results.

In addition to his work as a lawyer-notary, Andreas Kellner is also involved in various associations and institutions. He has made a name for himself in the region through his diverse involvement and is a valued contact for all questions concerning real estate law.

The lawyer-notary andreas kellner from burgwedel - not both, but somehow he does!

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